Wolfgang Engel is the CTO/CEO & Co-Founder of Confetti Special Effects Inc., a think-tank for advanced real-time graphics research for the video game and movie industry. Previously he worked for more than four years in Rockstar's core technology group as the lead graphics programmer. His game credits can be found at http://www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,158706/. He is the editor of the ShaderX and GPU Pro books, the author of several other books and speaks on graphics programming on conferences world-wide. He is a MVP DirectX since July 2006 and active in several advisory boards in the industry. He also teaches at UCSD the class “GPU Programming”. You can find him on twitter at wolfgangengel Confetti's website is www.conffx.com
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Advocacy /

To allow more developers to join a conference, we decided to organize a virtual conference in February 2012. The idea is to do this conference in the second or third week of February online. This way everyone on this planet can join us.
So far we plan to have a track for production, design, art (consisting of Art, Animation and Audio), education and programming with several presentations for each track. A call for authors will be send out soon. All the tracks will be recorded and posted on AltDevBlogADay. Attending the conference will be free.
Each presentation will take 60 minutes and we should have room for up to 1000 people in one presentation.

The schedule is

  • Call for Presenters goes out today
  • Deadline for Proposals is November 30th
  • Confirmation e-mails are send out on December 13th
  • Finished Presentation needs to be send in on January 8th
  • The conference will start on February 12th with a fast forward session that summarizes the talks that will come in the following week

Please send all proposals to


The proposals will be send to the people responsible for the tracks.

The people that are responsible for the content of each of the tracks will be:

Art, Animation and Audio Tracks - Tim Borrelli
Design - Jason Harris
Production - Mike Acton
Programming - Ignacio Castaño, Colin Barré-Brisebois
Education - Luke Dicken, Tyler Coleman, Heather M Decker

We would like to ask you to help us with promoting the idea. We need multipliers that tell their peers about this conference ...

Lots of great proposals!!

Art, Animation and Audio Tracks

Design Talks

Production Talks

Programming Talks

Education Talks