San Francisco based Software Engineer at Sony Network Entertainment. He primarily acts in a generalist fashion, working on everything from tools development, to engine design, to game programming, but his real passion is software architecture and optimization. He’s also completed Deadly Premonition. You can find him online at
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#AltDevUpdates /

I’m pleased to announce a new regular feature for #AltDevBlogADay, the #AltDevPanel. Originally conceived by Claire Blackshaw, the #AltDevPanel bring together industry professionals for a casual talk about a gamedev topic. Like the site itself we’ll be discussing all facets of the industry. The first panel will bring together Mike Acton, Tony Albrecht, Jaymin Kessler and John McCutchan to converse on optimization techniques.

But before we can officially begin the panels we need your help. Specifically we need a way to broadcast and preserve these talks. The mechanism we’d like to use is the On Live feature of Google Hangouts. This will allow us to broadcast live to those that want to watch as it happens, as well as record the talk for posterity on YouTube. It’s also a free service, allowing us to operate without a benefactor. In contrast, #AltDevConf required funding to arrange access for webinar software to broadcast the event.

Unfortunately Google On Air is in a limited rollout to selected individuals, so we need a hand in getting access to the service.

How to help

  • If you know, or are, a Googler who is on the Google+ team please get in touch with me. Feel free to drop a message in the comment section, through Twitter, or via Google+.
  • Share this post on Twitter or Google+ to show your interest in the #AltDevPanel and hopefully we’ll get Google’s attention!

Once we have access to On Air we’ll be able to set a firm date for the first talk. In that announcement we’ll discuss the particulars of the #AltDevPanel, such as the format being used, the topics being covered, and a way to submit questions for the panelists.

Thanks for any help in getting this new feature up and running!