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Only 2 days to go before AltDevConf! With the conference around the corner it's time to finish unveiling all the details of the program we have put together. Today I'm pleased to present the next three speakers in our lineup for the Programming track: Matthieu Laban, Philippe Rollin and Miguel de Icaza. Together they will present a joint talk titled "Cross Platform Development in C#: From Windows Phone to iOS with MonoTouch".

Matthieu and Philippe are the founders of Flying Development Studio, an independent studio focused on the development of flight simulation products for mobile platforms. Their first product, Infinite Flight gained critical acclaim and commercial success on the Windows Phone store and is about to be released for iOS devices. Matthieu is a licensed pilot and can often be found flying around the bay area. Philippe is passionate about computer graphics and a flight simulation enthusiast. Both share a meticulous attention to detail and a relentless desire to create great products.

Miguel needs little to no presentation. He currently directs the Mono project, an open source implementation of the .NET framework running on Mac, Linux, mobile devices and embedded systems. He is currently CTO for Xamarin, a startup focused on bringing .NET to mobile devices and previously worked at Novell and Ximian, where he created both the Mono project and worked on the Linux desktop.

Miguel will start the session providing an overview of the mono ecosystem as it relates to game developers. He will describe some of the reasons behind mono's popularity among game developers, and show different ways in which developers are using the mono runtime in games. He will focus on mono features that were specifically added for game development and address common fears and concerns that game developers usually have.

Matthieu and Philippe's success porting Infinite Flight from Windows Phone to iOS would have not been possible without MonoTouch, but that doesn't mean it came without challenges. In the second part of the session they will share their experiences with the Mono runtime on iOS and the challenges they faced in order to bring the simulator to market on both platforms.

I think that combining their different perspectives over the mono runtime will give us a unique opportunity to learn from their experiences.

Their talk will air next Saturday at 12:00 PM (PST), check it out in our schedule and register now!