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#AltDevConf /

We are pleased to present the recorded AltDevConf 2012 videos to the game development community!

Thank you again to all of our talented speakers, the dedicated volunteers who make this event happen, Confetti Inc. for sponsorship, and everyone who attended and interacted during the airing of the conference! I'd like to extend additional thanks to Luke Dicken, for collecting and preparing all of these videos for your enjoyment!

Programming Track

The Integrated Influence Architecture - Combining Reactive and Deliberative AI for NPC Control by Luke Dicken

Cross Platform Game Development in C# by Matthieu Laban, Philippe Rollin, and Miguel de Icaza

Control, Configure, Monitor and View Your Game Engine From the Web by John McCutchan

Accelerating Game Physics for Heterogeneous CPUs & GPUs by Erwin Coumans (speaker declined to share)

Understanding the Second Generation of Behavior Trees and Preparing for Challenges Beyond by Alex Champandard

Real Time Area Lighting - Now and Next by Sam Martin

PowerVR Hardware Architecture and Application Performance Guidelines by Gordon MacLauchlan

Dynamic Global Illumination by Wolfgang Engel, Tim Martin, and Igor Lobanchikov

Game Tools as a WebApp: Lessons from Insomniac’s Next-Gen Tools and Engine by Mike Acton (Coming soon!)

Education Track

Accommodating Diverse Learners: Designing an Effective E-Learning Platform by Dan Miller-Schroeder (Coming soon!)

Centred for Excellence - The Challenges Inside Abertay's Games Programmes by Ken Fee

Building Better Rubrics Using Game Design by Ian Schreiber

Educating the Next Gen. by Alex Darby

More than Software and Theory by Heather Decker-Davis

Design & Production Track

Intro to Producing for Mobile: how to "go indie", actually ship an app, and not die by Evangeline Marzec

“Scrum Bowling” : Agile Production Methodology for Indie Teams and Student Projects by Margaret Moser

Creating A Positive Online Community by Ryan Arndt

Effective PR, Marketing, and Community Management in the Indie Games Space by Erik Johnson

Operant Conditioning in MMORPG's by Mike Grimes

Game Over! Exit Strategies for Persistent Games by Ian Schreiber

Junk Master Series, Design Approaches, Issues, and Best practices by Wasin Thonkaew


Beyond this post, these videos will continue to be available under the official AltDevConf YouTube Channel!

Thanks again for all of your support and we hope you enjoyed the wonderful experiment that was AltDevConf!