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Next up is Brandii Grace with a session called "The Intern's Secret Survival Guide":

I hear the same tragic story over and over: You finally landed an internship at a major game company! You just know this is your "big break" and can't wait to get to work! Problem is... no one has given you any work to do. In fact, no one seems to know what to do with you or have time to figure it out. Before you know it, the internship is over and all you've done is sit around catching-up on webcomics. Learn the secret tricks my students used to transform internships into full time positions!

And as always, here is where you can learn a little bit more about Brandii:

Brandii Grace is the Chief Creative Officer of Transform Entertainment – a pioneering company recently featured on Gamasutra for working to create AAA console games specifically targeting the growing women’s market. Brandii has nearly 10 years of design and development experience in the games industry working with a wide array of platforms, genres, and markets for games ranging from giant AAA MMO’s to award-winning indie titles. Brandii, who graduated from Western Washington University with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, is an alumna of the IGDA Scholars program and received the 2012 IGDA MVP award. She has taught game design innovation, been published in respected game development textbooks, and helped start more than one collegiate game program.

Eventbrite - AltDev Student Summit

Brandii's session is just one part of what's promising to be an excellent event. You can learn more at the conference mini-site, and we really hope that you will join us November 10th and 11th to learn more from these excellent speakers.