#AltDevBlog’s mission
#AltDevBlog’s mission is to be an expert-oriented platform, serving to encourage and develop individual voices within the game development industry. Honest voices who want to share their expertise and knowledge on a periodical basis and read and comment on expertise provided by others.

Designed by @Mike_Acton, Engine Director at Insomniac Games and managed by Harriet @AltDevBlog, #AltDevBlog gives developers the possibility to safely create and present posts about what they find pertinent in their field, from the extremely innovative to the extremely high-level, on topics such as Programming, Arts, Production, Audio, Business and Marketing.

Through feeding and teaching the community, encouraging constructive criticism, experimenting with new ideas and not shying away from controversy, we encourage our authors to share, learn and teach each other, in addition to the enrichment they seek from the outside world through their work.

By enlarging the scope of the brand and not limiting ourselves to written blog posts, we are able to animate the video games industry with cutting edge content in an informative environment and assist in developing the regular discipline of sharing ideas.

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How can I participate?
See: #readme (for Writers)