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We've now started to introduce our speakers! We've got a great line-up to announce, and below you can see the excellent sessions that have already been posted!

All the Things You'll Never Be Taught

Dustin Clingman (First5 Games) - Managing Up (Read more)

Jay Margalus (Lunar Giant) and Phil Tibitoski (Young Horses) - DIY Development (Read more)

Jeff Ward (Fire Hose Games) - OOP Is the Root of All Evil (Read more)

Kate Edwards (Englobe Inc) - Creating Games for Global Players (Read more)

Benjamin Cavalleri (GameARC) - Essentials the Team Leads Need to See in Your Work (Read more)

Rebecca Fernandez (Convict Interactive) - Starting and running a company, from a programmer's perspective. (Read more)

Brandii Grace (Transform Entertainment) - The Intern’s Secret Survival Guide (Read more)

George Kokoris (Microsoft Studios) - The Cutting Room Floor (Read more)

Travis Sanchez (Google) - The Blue Screen of Death (Read more)

Ted Spence (EEDAR) - "What Software Developers Should Expect From the Games Industry (Read more)

A Day in the Life of...

Mike Jungbluth (Zenimax Online) - What is Game Animation (Read more)

Andrea Schmoll (Broken Rules) - Being the Voice of an Indie Company (Read more)

Erik Johnson (Arcen Games) - A Day in the Life of an Indie PR Guy (Read more)

Sharon Price (Electronic Arts Mobile) - A Day in the Life of Scrabble! (Read more)

Alex Crouzen (Supermassive Games) - A Day in the Life of a Tools Programmer/Buildmaster (Read more)

Bobby Anguelov (IO Interactive) - AAA Game Programming, A Day in the Life… (Read more)

Tim Stobo (KMMIP) - I Can’t Believe I Do This For A Living: The Generalist Game Designer(Read more)

Mitu Khandaker (The Tiniest Shark) - A Day in the Life of a Solo developer (Read more)

Jurie Horneman (Mi'Pu'Mi Games) - A Day in the Life of a Creative Director (Read more)