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We're delighted to be able to make available every session we hosted during the AltDev Student Summit. You can click below for each individual session, or play them all for almost 12 hours of material.

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Keynote: Thinking Three Moves Ahead - Ian Schreiber
A Day in the Life of a Tools Programmer/Buildmaster - Alex Crouzen
The Cutting Room Floor - George Kokoris
Blue Screen Of Death - Travis Sanchez
A Day in the Life of a Solo Developer - Mitu Khandaker
OOP Is the Root of All Evil - Jeff Ward
A Day in the Life of an Indie PR Guy - Erik Johnson
Managing Up - Dustin Clingman
A Day in the Life of Scrabble! - Sharon Price - At the request of EA, this session has been removed.
The Breaking In Panel - Tyler Coleman, Ben Holschuh and Becky Taylor. Moderated by Heather Decker-Davis


Being the Voice of an Indie Company - Andrea Schmoll
What Software Developers Should Expect From the Games Industry - Ted Spence
What is Game Animation? - Mike Jungbluth
Essentials the Team Leads Need to See in Your Work - Benjamin Cavallari
A Day in the Life of a Creative Director - Jurie Horneman
DIY Development Jay Margalus and Phil Tibitoski
AAA Game Programming, A Day in the Life... - Bobby Anguelov
The Intern's Secret Survival Guide - Brandii Grace
I Can't Believe I Do This For A Living: The Generalist Game Designer - Tim Stobo
Creating Games for Global Players- Kate Edwards
A Day in the Life of a Games Writer - Anne Toole
Starting and Running a Company, From a Programmer's Perspective - Rebecca Fernandez
Keynote: From Playtester to CEO - Jen MacLean