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Twitter: @josh_caratelli E-Mail:"> LinkedIn: Josh Caratelli (Melbourne, Australia) Hey #AltDevBlogADay readers, my name is Josh Caratelli, I’m fifteen and entering this magical and unique industry that other #ADBAG contributors have been involved in for a long time, so please correct me If I’m wrong on any information, as I’d prefer to admit I was wrong and learn something new then pretend “I Know it All” and come up short later on. I’ve been using the Unreal Engine for the last 1.5 years and recently started CPP programming after experiencing an amazing work experience position at Australian Developer,’ Big Ant Studios’. In which I must have done something right as they've called me back to do some work over the holidays :) When I’m not creating games for myself, integrating them into my school work or attending #gamedev conferences and meet ups, I’m working as a Designer on an Unreal Engine Mod Team, Orange Core. I’m aspiring to become a Designer/Programmer in this industry when I’m older as I believe those two skills go uniformly together. I’ve become involved in #AltDevBlogADay after meeting Mike Acton and Llyod Nguyen at the GCAP conference earlier this year and really enjoyed the intellectual discussions we all had (though sometimes not so intellectual at all!) and I’m hoping I can gain even more valuable discussions on #AltDevBlogADay as well. Cheers, Josh Caratelli
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