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I'm Steven Tovey, currently a Senior Engineer in the World Wide Studios Advanced Technology Group at Sony Computer Entertainment. I've been in the games industry for over half decade now and contributed code to a bunch of titles on a load of different platforms. Right now I work on the rendering API for the forthcoming PlayStation Vita which means occasionally having a prod about in the shader compiler and the GPU firmware also. In a previous life I worked as a Graphics Programmer at Bizarre Creations on the technology that powered Blur and James Bond 007: Blood Stone. This mostly involved being chained to a PS3 writing a ton of vaguely comprehensible SPU code to make lights happen, bits of geometry disappear when you can't see them (proper sneaky!) and even sometimes make the rain drops fall. I randomly get the urge write stuff and have done so in Game Programming Gems 8, and also in GPU Pro: Advanced Rendering Techniques. I have also done the odd talk in the past, most recently at PlayStation platform developer conferences in both London and San Francisco, but I've also visited my awkward and bumbling stage presence on Develop in both Brighton and Liverpool. This has led other speakers to describe me as "some random hobo from near Manchester". None of the (mostly ridiculous) things that I say reflect the opinions of my employers either past or present.
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